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    Product Description

    Case: Corsair 4000D

    Fans: Corsair LL120 RGB 120mm x3  (Front) 120mm x1 (Back)

    AIO CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i RGB 240mm (Top)

    GPU: RTX 3070 8GB GDDR6 

    Motherboard: ASUS TUF GAMING H670-PRO

    Processor: Intel Core i5-12400F

    RAM: Corsair Dominator RGB 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3600MHz

    Power Supply: Corsair RM750e

    Storage: WD 1TB SSD NVMe M.2

    Windows 11 OS included


    *Picture is for DISPLAY of the case and SOME products included.*

    General Overview Of The Light Neon

    • Case: The Corsair 4000D is a popular mid-tower case known for its good build quality, airflow, and cable management options. It should provide a solid foundation for your components and offer decent cooling capabilities.

    • Fans: The Corsair LL120 RGB fans are known for their vibrant lighting and decent airflow. With three fans in the front and one at the back, you should have sufficient airflow to keep your system cool.

    • AIO CPU Cooler: The Corsair H100i RGB 240mm AIO CPU cooler is a reliable and efficient cooling solution for your processor. It should help maintain low temperatures during gaming sessions, allowing for better performance and longevity.

    • GPU: The RTX 3070 is a powerful graphics card capable of running modern games at high resolutions and settings. It offers excellent performance for gaming and should provide a smooth gaming experience.

    • Motherboard: The ASUS TUF GAMING H670-PRO is a reliable and well-built motherboard. While it is not specifically designed for gaming enthusiasts, it should provide stable performance and ample connectivity options for your components.

    • Processor: The Intel Core i5-12400F is a good processor for gaming. It offers strong single-threaded performance and efficient multi-threading capabilities, making it suitable for gaming. It should handle modern games without bottlenecking the performance of the RTX 3070.

    • RAM: The Corsair Dominator RGB 16GB DDR4 RAM with a frequency of 3600MHz is fast and should provide good gaming performance. However, it's worth noting that 16GB of RAM is currently considered the minimum recommended amount for gaming. If possible, consider upgrading to 32GB in the future for more headroom.

    • Power Supply: The Corsair RM750e is a reliable power supply unit with a 750W capacity. It should provide sufficient power for your components, allowing them to operate reliably and efficiently.

    • Storage: The WD 1TB SSD NVMe M.2 drive offers fast storage for your operating system, games, and applications. It should provide quick load times and smooth performance.

    RTX 3070 8GB GDDR6 

    • RTX 3070 is an excellent graphics card for gaming. It offers a high level of performance and is capable of handling modern games at high resolutions and settings. The RTX 3070 provides smooth gameplay, allowing you to enjoy immersive gaming experiences with high frame rates and detailed graphics.

    • With its powerful GPU architecture, ample VRAM, and support for features like real-time ray tracing and DLSS, the RTX 3070 delivers impressive visual fidelity and realistic effects in games that support these technologies. It is particularly well-suited for gaming at 1440p resolution, where it can achieve high frame rates, and it can also handle gaming at 4K resolution with good performance.

    • Additionally, the RTX 3070's performance extends beyond gaming. It is also suitable for content creation, video editing, and other GPU-intensive tasks, making it a versatile choice for users who require both gaming performance and productivity capabilities.

    • Overall, the RTX 3070 is considered a powerful and capable graphics card that offers great value for its performance, making it an excellent choice for gamers.

    Intel Core i5-12400F

    • Core Configuration: The i5-12400F features 6 high-performance cores and 12 threads, which allows for smooth multitasking and efficient utilization of CPU resources during gaming.

    • IPC (Instructions Per Cycle): The Alder Lake architecture introduces improved IPC compared to previous generations, resulting in better single-threaded performance. This is important for gaming, as many games rely heavily on strong single-core performance.

    • Clock Speeds: The i5-12400F has a base clock speed of 2.0 GHz and a boost clock speed of up to 4.2 GHz. The high boost clock speed helps deliver responsive performance during gaming, especially in games that require strong single-threaded performance.

    • Gaming Optimization: The i5-12400F supports Intel's Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0, which dynamically boosts the clock speeds of the fastest cores to maximize performance in single-threaded applications, including games.

    • Cost-Effectiveness: The i5-12400F offers good gaming performance at a relatively affordable price compared to higher-end processors, making it a cost-effective choice for gamers who want solid performance without breaking the bank.

    Compatible Games (With No Upgrades)
    Medium-High Settings, 144fps - 1440p Resolution